My Summer Vacation

I use the word vacation intentionally seen as that’s the kind of language I’ll be speaking for the next three weeks – I’m off to America!

I’m traveling with my friend Liz who is returning to visit her sisters and their new babies. We had been planning a different summer trip before we learned of her impending niece and nephew, so then she invited me to come explore America with her instead. It’s my first time there and I’m going to get to see parts of the country that are off the typical tourist track.

We fly into Chicago for a week to visit some aunts and uncles and grandmothers, while also exploring the city. There are so many buildings that I want to see.
Then we begins our real travels by driving down to Memphis, Tennessee via St Louis, Missouri.
On to Nashville, down to Huntsville, Alabama, back up to Knoxville, Tennessee. Pop over to Ashville, North Carolina before finally heading down to Atlanta, Georgia for our flight back to Tokyo.


I’ve set up another blog so that I can put up pictures and short posts during the trip as a kind of scrapbook/diary, so check it out.

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