I might as well start as I mean to go on.

I went to Kyoto for the weekend mainly as an excuse to meet up with other Irish people and have a good time.  That we did, in the sense that people associate with the Irish, but we also managed to see a few cultural sites such as Kinkaku-ji, known as the Golden Pavilion.

Originally built in 1397 as a retirement villa for a shogun then converted into a temple. It was burnt down in 1950 by a troubled Buddhist monk and reconstructed in 1955 with the gold-foil covering extending to the lower floors. (Lonely Planet)

Golden Pavilion

 We also visited Ryoan-ji which is famous for its Zen gardens.  Contemplation can be exhausting though.

PondTree FoodTired OutBuddhaMossy GardenZen GardenRocksPebblesCalligraphic ScreensTemple InteriorZenned Out

2 thoughts on “Kyoto

  1. Hi Maria. Well going through your exploits was one hell of a great way to spend a few hours on a very wet afternoon in Ballynacally. Great to see you’re having a lovely time and such fantastic experiences. Enjoy the rest of your travels.

    Joe xxxxx

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