America Again

It’s summer vacation time at school and I’m on my holidays in America. Friends from Los Angeles who I met in Japan invited me to their wedding, and after that we planned a road trip up the California Coast and over to Arizona, Utah and Nevada.

Just like I did for my first trip to the States two years ago, I made a tumblr to update with pictures as I travel around and get wifi.

I Wrote a Guest Post!

Since I started ballet in Japan, I’ve followed blogs written by other people who picked it up later in life, and one of my favourites is Adult Beginner. This anonymous ballerina is based in Los Angeles, works in costuming and writes hilarious posts about her ballet experiences.

I contacted her about a month ago to ask her advice on ballet wear shopping in LA because it’s very expensive in Japan and I’m going to California for my summer holidays. I also told her a little bit about my ballet experiences in Japan. She graciously replied and asked me if I would be interested in writing a guest post.  I had written about starting ballet here on my blog before, but I thought I had not written about it since, so I jumped at the chance and I now have a guest post on her site about my ballet experiences in Japan!  Click the link below for the post.