Nara Lantern Festival

*Brief rant about Japanese bureaucracy* – I was without internet for a few weeks because I was not allowed to simply take over my predecessor’s contract, which would have meant that he didn’t have to pay the cancellation fee, I wouldn’t have had to send back his modem, wait a couple of weeks for a man to be sent out to check my internet connection, and then wait for my modem (which was exactly the same as my predecessor’s) to be delivered to my house.  And I’ll probably end up paying a cancellation fee when I leave too.  Maybe there was a good reason for this.  Maybe there once was a good reason for doing this that has now become obsolete, but now there is too much red tape in place to change the system.

*Rant over*

Nara Street View

While I was in Kyoto, we took a trip down to Nara on the Sunday evening to go to the Lantern Festival, which was really beautiful.  Nara itself is beautiful, it was the imperial capital of Japan between AD 710-794 and is full of temples, shrines and sacred deer which roam around the town looking for food from tourists.

Deer on the RocksDeer Line-upPetting DeerPretending to Pet the DeerHugging the Deer

Japan doesn’t have Daylight Savings Time, so in summer it gets dark at 7 o’clock.  Before sunset there were people placing small white lanterns around the temples, streets, parks and lakes, and they lit them as night fell.

CandlesMoon over the TemplePagodaCandle CalligraphyPosingPond BankChilling by the Pond

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